Eyebrow Grooming is Back

In the UK from the 15th of August you can go to a beauty professional and get your brows groomed. The timing of this has been subject to some debate with those who dismiss eyebrow grooming clearly not understanding why it matters so much for so many. As we’ve discovered while doing this project, Brews and Brows: Shaping Stories from Eyebrows to Scousebrows, eyebrows are an important part of our identity. They not only make us human in the ways that they are integral to how we communicate with each other, they are central to our sense of self. As well as all of the conversations we have carried out to find out people’s stories, we are also interested in eyebrows in film and television. Today we want to share this short audio-visual essay exploring the eyebrow. We noticed certain patterns and tropes in how eyebrows recur that reveal much about attitudes to beauty and the ways these are gendered and raced, and to the ways we identify the humanity of a character.